110 radio station websites reaching 2 million unique web visitors a month,
delivering 20,000,000 page views
96 streaming stations, reaching 1,000,000+ listeners monthly
Email database of 1.6 million opted-in listeners.
On the List: “America’s Most Trustworthy Companies” - Forbes, March 2007

A click-able video ad with full motion graphics and audio that runs in the player before the audio stream starts. It cannot be skipped. It is the most sought after web ad inventory.
After the video gateway, the streaming audio begins, both music and advertising. A clickable banner ad synchronized to run plays over the stream.
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Figure 4 shows that online video ads experience click-through rates ranging from 0.4% to 0.74%, depending on the online video format. By comparison, the click rate for plain GIF or JPG image ads based on DoubleClick data is approximately 0.1% (DoubleClick plans to release official numbers for a range of other ad formats later this year.).

Source: Video Ad Benchmarks: Average Campaign Performance Metrics - February 2007

Entercom allows:15-second TV commercials as rich media banner ads. Sound is an option, usually off until activated.
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Auto dealerships, real estate brokers and other retailers have found Spotlight ads new, productive ways to interact with prospects.
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Station club members receive periodic emails detailing current events, programming changes and promotions. Contesting is an important element.
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The email marketing campaign leads club members to a special station branded microsite. Collecting demographic information from club members is one benefit. More importantly, we are engaging the car-buying prospect early in the buying cycle. If the club member spends 60 seconds contemplating Toyota car models, are goals are met.
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