KBLV gives you Free Gas Cards

The national average is predicted to hit over $4.00 a gallon by the end of the summer.  Not only does this affect your bank account but it also affects your ability to join us at area events we host.  Obviously that is a problem!

Presenting the High Low Gas Guzzler

Thousands of Dollars in Free Gas Cards can be yours!  Just tell us how much each is worth. 
Between $1 and $500!

Winners so far
Dawn Gone of Virginia Beach $382
Ryan-Lyn Sey of Currituck NC
Tamia Sessoms of Portsmouth $279
Kim Smith of Chesapeake  $326
Hazel Wellington of Virginia Beach $463
Donna Loughran of Chesapeake $204
Wanda of Hampton $231
Amy Walsh of Virginia Beach $259

One more card to go....

How You Win

This is your last week to win

Listen every weekday at 8am, 11a, 3pm, and 7pm.

We'll ask for the 14th caller at 473-1045

Tell us how much the current gas card is worth.  We will tell you whether you're too high, too low, or correct!

First person to guess the exact dollar amount of that current gas card wins!

It's that easy to win!!!
Remember, listening each time we play the game helps you figure out how much each gas card is worth.  If it takes too long figuring out the amount of the Gas Card we'll send hints to Z Vips and Text club members to force a win.



(Official rules)