2012 Holiday Site Designs

It is time to start thinking about Holiday 2012 holiday website themes. Below you will find screenshots of what was done last year. We need to have your request in by 10/17 so we can plan our schedules. Please remember that we will not be making updates during off business hours (weekends, midnight etc) , so please plan for that. Once you are ready to submit your request please submit a ticket to Zendesk. 

Areas that can be customized:
  • Background
  • Header Image
  • Logo
  • Homepage Content Module Skins (eg third row homepage boxes)

  • WEBSITE TEMPLATE SETUP DETAILS (include this information in your ticket request)
    1. Please let us know if you want to use the template that you used last year (below are the stations that setup a template last year, it is our recommendation that you use last year's template - saves time on design consultation, design and programming)
    2. Please let us know your start and end date (please note we will not be updating sites on weekends or holidays so please plan accordingly.
    3. If you are choosing to create a new template please include the following information in the ticket:
    • Attach logo to ticket
    • Provide look and feel ideas
    • Provide a color palette you would like to use
    • Please indicate what part of the site you would like changed: header, logo, background; function menu, box titles on the homepage or all.
    Once you have your information we will be in touch with you to confirm design details and provide you a proof.

    2011 Website Template Designs:

    KEZW Site Background:

    WZPL/WTSS Site Background